Being part of the Small Wonders family… Small Wonders is more than just a stay and play group, it feels like a supportive family, we are all there to encourage each other and no one should feel judged. Our aim is that everyone leaves feeling great, having had a great fun time with their kids and some positive adult conversation. Small Wonders brings people from our community together and everyone is welcome. We have lots of mums, dads, grandparents, great grandparents, aunties and uncles coming along!

Some parents/carers like to be part of nurturing this supportive culture of Small Wonders; ways to do this include  joining a baking rota, helping us to fundraise, volunteering to help prepare craft activities, set up our parties and helping us to organise our admin systems, making them more efficient. A group of parents/carers got together as they wanted to help the Small Wonders community and are our Small Wonders Champions getting involved behind the scenes.